Step 2

fullbookSo it went from a dream to buying a used van to getting a guy to build shelves and then this weekend filling it with books. Now I just have to get the logo put on the outside (fingers crossed that Bitterroot Screen Printers magically push me to the top of their list). and I am ready to go. There is a Facebook page and this blog and 221 Dewey Graphics is setting up my website. I try to imagine if this is less complicated than opening a brick-and-mortar store.  Or maybe its not more or less complicated – just a different kind. The space inside the van is small but not that small.  I do think at some point I will need an awning to cover the entrance.  oh my. So many details and truly I am not a business person.  Years ago Don Fleck who was a business partner with me in a bakery said, “You don’t have to own a bakery if you like to eat good bread.”  At the time though in the far northwest corner of Montana, it did seem that we needed to own a bakery or …well, I needed to start baking at home.  Now I am venturing forth on this traveling bookstore business. Yes I like to read.  Actually I really like to read. I obviously think reading is medicinal as I am claiming to be a textual apothecary.  But is liking to read equivalent to owning a bookstore?  Not only do I like to read but I think other people would like reading too if they can find the right book.  And trying not to sound too smug, I think its difficult to find the right book browsing Amazon.  I think it helps to hold it in your hands, look at the font and page size, give it a smell, maybe read a page or two and then decide if it can come home with you.  I want to give this opportunity to find a good book to people. And I guess I need a traveling bookstore in order to do that.


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