Officially open

van1I took the bookstore to the Eureka Farmers Market yesterday. I was still getting things set up when a Canadian couple immediately understood that they should just walk in and start browsing books.  The woman called out to me as I set up the table and chairs to ask where the art section was. I told her – back section bottom shelf and she came out with three books to purchase.  Of course I had to take their photo as they were my first real customers.  Although their permanent home is in Canada, they summer in the Eureka area so I hope to see them again. I realized yet another advantage of a traveling bookstore is that the inventory will change weekly. Its a small space so after selling books yesterday, I will replenish the shelves with different ones this evening. There are so many advantages to a traveling bookstore, I am surprised there aren’t more on the road.

And yesterday the local press showed up to take photos of me and the bookstore and get quotes. I realized that although a long time advocate of the idea that ‘it takes a village to raise a child,’ I now believe it takes a village to start a business. I wanted to tell the reporter how many people helped make this venture possible from Matthew designing the logo to the countless people who left boxes of books on my door step to the friends who spent hours sorting books in my garage.  There was Kevin who designed the interior and Anne who got the word out on Facebook. I keep wondering if this is typical for a business.  I keep wondering if all businesses are this fascinating to launch.


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