Summer schedule

vAN3Various events are falling into place. The Traveling Bookstore will actually start to travel beyond the town limits.  Hope to meet up with you at one of these festivals.  Isn’t it satisfying to think of great books being available to purchase at all these places?  And don’t forget that we also have a remarkable collection of postcards from all over the world for sale.

Most every Wednesday at Eureka Farmers Market 3:30 – 6pm

July 18 – Yaak River Jam Music Festival

July 25 – Symes Hot Spring Blues Festival

July 27 – Grand Opening Celebration Eureka

August 1 – Eureka Montana Quilt Show in Historical Village

August 6 – ABayance Bay Marina

August 28-30 Lincoln County Fair

September 11-12 Montana Festival of the Book in Missoula


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