Taking a step

The new season is about to open. I assume winter is mostly behind us and the roads (at least some of them) are ice free. Next Sunday the bookstore will set up at HA Brewery on Grave Creek Rd. Then the year unfolds with farmers market, fairs, music festivals and parties – all sorts of great places to ply books to hungry readers.  ThIndianae traveling bookstore was officially accepted as a vendor at the 2016 Brooklyn Book Festival so we will head to New York in September. Steps…taking steps. The first was making the decision to buy a van and convert it into a bookstore. The second was even thinking that this was a business that I could survive and not go broke. I remember driving the bookstore to the Yaak last summer and feeling that it was a step. Now I will take it across country.

We need to do it.  Push ourselves to take these steps.  It can be something like going to a party alone after your ex moved out.  Or maybe deciding to live in India for six months teaching English in a remote village. Starting a business, changing jobs, moving to a new place where you don’t know anyone. I am not a big exercise junkie but I see these steps as a way to make us strong.  I took the bookstore to the Yaak. I drove it across Montana to Bozeman.  I can take it to NY.  One step and then another and with each one we become stronger, more capable.  This is what the world needs.



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