Emerging from the den

It quickly went from mittens and coats to sandals and sunhats. But April in Montana can bring a fast change in the weather so I am keeping all sorts of layers handy. Still….at this moment lilacs are blooming and my warehouse/garage is warm enough to work in without a sweater.  It does feel a bit overwhelming in there with all those interesting IMG_0465boxes of books that need to be sorted for the season.  There is even a new bookcase as my stock grew over the winter. And today when I went in to do some work, I noticed a wolf surveying the piles. At least I think it is a wolf.

That time of year when everything seems to be happening.  The schedule for the traveling bookstore is filling up. It feels only right to let you know where it will be during the next few months in case you are looking for a good affordable read.  No doubt there will be more events added but at least this gives some sense of where you might find us.

  • May 1: HA) Brewery   Fortine, MT
  • June 1:  every Wednesday at Eureka farmers market til August 31
  • June 3-4:  Radius Gallery   Missoula, MT
  • June 5: HA) Brewery   Fortine, MT
  • June 17:  Havre, MT
  • June 18: Choteau, MT
  • July 15-16:  Yaak Music Festival
  • July 28-30: Red Ants Pants Festival (fingers crossed – still waiting to hear)
  • August 25-28: Lincoln County Fair   Eureka, MT
  • Sept 2:  Ace Typewriter Repair   Portland, OR
  • Sept 18:  Brooklyn Book Festival   Brooklyn, NY

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