To every thing there is a season

People have been more willing to type especially at the Eureka farmers market. Perhaps they are getting use to seeing the typewriter set up every Wednesday and assume anyone can write something.  One of the vendors came over to type a verse from the Bible. A young boy Processed with MOLDIVwrote a funny limerick about his sister. A woman with her granddaughter solemnly typed both their names and where they were from in central Washington. Last Wednesday a visitor from Maryland stopped by.  We talked  books and her high school experience and what she was thinking of doing after graduation.  She wandered off to look at other booths at the market and at some point came back. She had composed a short story and wanted to type it.  Made perfect sense to me.

I appreciated her seriousness and her purpose.  She was polite and determined.  The friend with her was making jokes about how much she wrote. Was it going to be a novel? But he said it kindly and the girl kept typing.  We left her to it and began talking about his interests (baking) and his purchase, a used New York Times Cook Book.

There is certainly something to be said about the joy of youth, the abandon of children playing, the sound of their laughter.  And there is something to be said about young people who have a vision because after all, in these times, we can use all the good visions that are manifested.  The young writer was creative and willing to take the time to capture her story.  She was great at ignoring her friend’s laughter and other distractions of the market. She wrote her story and left it there for others to read.  Dare I call her brave? She was definitely focused and not the least bit hampered by what others might think.  All traits to be admired especially in one so young.  I wondered how we might replicate these among other young people in our community, in the county, in the country. To encourage them to have purpose, to dream, to act.



2 thoughts on “To every thing there is a season

    • thank you for your comment. I sometimes struggle to get the posts out especially when I am on the road. I appreciate knowing it it appreciated.


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