Taking another step in the adventure.  Tomorrow the traveling bookstore hits the road to go to Portland, Oregon. It will be the first time the bookstore has gone out of Montana to sell books and hawk postcards. There are some ideas what it just possiblyIMG_5206 might be like to stop at a gas station in the Tri-Cities area of eastern Washington and have someone ask what exactly is this St. Rita’s Amazing thing.  Or driving through the Columbia Gorge in the rain (because isn’t it usually raining when one drives there?).  And then arriving in Portland with its hundred of food carts/trucks and the outrageous Powells City of Books as well as Title Wave and Broadway Books and Passages Bookshop and countless others because it is Portland after all. So many awesome bookstores but there is hope that at least for one weekend there will be room for another one, a small one on wheels with used books that also offers conversation and a chance to try a typewriter. And surely food carts must be related to this traveling bookstore in some way.  Perhaps second cousins?

Nada is going along on this adventure. She is a good friend from the Czech Republic where we both used to teach at Masaryk University, and now older we are each transitioning into the next chapter of our lives.  During this transition, Nada is spending a month in the US helping me sort and pack books, drive to Portland and to New York, and talk with people about her own story.  We both have enough experiences to go into this long distance bookstore traveling with a sense of excitement and a wee bit of trepidation. We like the vision of us driving down through Idaho and the wide spaces of the Palouse in Washington. We will rock along to country radio stations and sip coffee from a drive-thru in Spokane.  We do wonder what it will be like though to deal with city rush hour traffic, to parallel park while other drivers waiting get impatient, and to discover people who don’t enjoy reading as much as we do.

If you happen to be in Portland, stop by to reassure us.  Friday 9/2 from 9:30-4:30 at 7433 N Lombard St. and on Saturday  9/3 10:00 – noon at 1448 NE 28th.


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