Let’s talk

We try in different ways.

Support our local community groups or send checks to national nonprofits.  We try to teach our children right from wrong.  We might pitch in at the food bank or drop unneeded clothes off at the thrift store.  Maybe we wear a button for our candidate or put a sign on our lawn. And some people take to the streets to speak out louder.  Some travel to North Dakota.  We sit with friends and lament the challenges in our community, in our nation, in the world.  We listimg_0410en to politicians and activists and rock stars and neighbors. And now there are people wondering what more they can do.

They want to do more. They want to listen harder and they want to be heard.  There is an attempt to separate facts and fiction.  Does the bookstore have anything that will tell me how to live?  Is there something written that gives answers to the quagmire we find ourselves in?  A woman asked me today, “Is it really just about money?”

Yes, we need to act.  We need to leave our homes, to do more then shake our heads at what is presented in the media.  We need to act responsibly and with a vision. And we need to talk. We need to talk not only with Friday night friends or people we work with, we need to talk with strangers.  Or at the very least people who think differently or act differently or look differently.  Let’s get those ideas out there. Let’s brainstorm.  Let’s think outside the box because obviously the box ain’t working.


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