Mosaic lesson

Yes, I enjoy traveling. One of many reasons why I have the traveling bookstore. Sometimes I travel with the bookstore and sometimes I leave it at home while I go off using other means of transportation.  Now I am in northern Italy traveling by bus and train with a friend who is a mosaic artist ( and thus experiencing a lot of mosaics. There were first century ones in Aquileia and today contemporary ones in Ravenna.  And of course we spent time in Spilembergo as well. Seeing this incredible range of mosaics and talking mosaics with people along the way, I learned mosaics can take all sorts of shapes.  Not only stone or glass, but paper and clay, even shells and hair. While I had been slightly hohum about mosaics at the beginning of this trip, now I want a large table and a variety of materials to experiment making my own.

The wonder that I appreciate today is the reminder we can push boundaries in many ways.  Not only art and music but in relationships, community, politics.  Surely it helps to know basic techniques, to have a sense of how to create things that endure, to have standards but even with this, there can be so much room for trying something new.  I like this concept of exploration not only geographical but with our minds as well.


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