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The traveling bookstore is hitting the road big time. Or at least bigger than it has since this venture began two years.  As St. Rita’s Amazing Traveling Bookstore starts its third season, the events where it is is setting up are far, wide andgirl in yellow exciting.  Here is a quick list to get started and then more thoughts about all of it:

…and more as summer unfolds.

Besides bringing a wonderful selection of used books and vintage postcards to a location near you, the traveling bookstore is also an opportunity to have conversations and to explore dreams.  That’s how it started after all; a dream to open a bookstore and the reality that it would be tough to make that business financially viable in a town with a population of 1,037.  So with enough conversations and enough brainstorming, here it is – a bookstore that can travel to where people are, a bookstore that has low overhead when parked in a small town, which can then travel to set up at a music festival, in a city or in front of your house (if you want to throw a literary party).  It’s about following one’s dream and finding ways to make it happen.

It would be great to meet up with you along the way. Hope you are at one of these summer events or decide to arrange for the bookstore to come to your town/city.  And, if you don’t mind, please help get the word out about this amazing traveling bookstore.


2 thoughts on “Get the keys

  1. I have just finished reading your entire blog from the day you started it (backwards)—I was absolutely captivated by your adventure and your lovely writing and hope that someday we’ll have the opportunity to meet. I feel like I’ve met a kindred spirit and I especially loved how you described your creation as “It seems more than a business and less than a business.” There are many days when I feel that about my gallery where I am privileged to share not just the work of people’s hands but also their stories. I wish you continued pleasures as you make your deliveries to the proper people and that the business takes care of you financially as well. As a fellow book lover, I’ve also added to my reading list from your descriptions! (In case you would like to know, I found about you from the newsletter of the SF Center for the Book, another wonderful organization!)

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    • Do you live in the Bay area? It would be lovely to meet up someday to talk about our shared interests. Yes obviously I get around so hopefully our paths will cross soon.


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