• Someone wrote suggesting I bring the traveling bookstore to Vancouver, British Columbia for an event.  The idea is certainly intriguing.  Yesterday I went to the US/Canadian border which happens to be only seven miles from where I live to find out what might be required.  At one point, the agent I spoke with said, “It comes down to the question of work.  Do you consider what you do with this bookstore work?”  Trying my best not to laugh, or to get caught up in a philosophical query, I asked what he meant by work.  After more discussion, he decided I didn’t need a work permit but would need to pay taxes onreader anything I sold while in the country. Only fair.  The next day I am still deliberating in my own head if what I do is work.  Thank you, Yvon.
  • While on the last trip out with the bookstore, it became clear I need to take credit cards for purchases.  People in cities don’t seem to carry cash and they do want to buy books.  Not taking credit cards while in San Francisco meant I sold a few books for Colombian pesos and a few for euros. A very nice woman who happened to be standing at the SF Center for the Book talking with me about my business paid for a stranger’s purchase who didn’t have cash.  She explained the concept of “paying it forward” to him.  After I got back to Montana, a friend in Eureka stopped by the bookstore to talk when it was set up at the farmers market. During our conversation, she found two books she needed but didn’t have cash on her at that moment.  I suggested she pay me later (small town). She asked about using a credit card and I explained I wasn’t set up for that. She came back thirty minutes later and gave me a Square.  Some how she had an extra one.  Now I am ready! Thank you, Alice.
  • While I think about work and what that concept means in my relation to the bookstore, I have a query for you, dear reader.  Edging into my sixty-sixth year one might think I figured out how to have a healthy balance in life: time for work, time for reflection, time for friends and family, time for myself.  Instead I feel more conflicted trying to decide how to parcel out the hours.  Basically I want to do more than there are hours in a day.  Yes, I want to go to Vancouver and the Montana Book Festival and spend time helping in my community and finish the art project I began in the spring.  Of course I want to read and also make my own books, help out at community soup night, play scrabble with the group on Tuesdays, write this blog on a regular basis and keep the books in my warehouse/garage orderly.  I want to do it all and haven’t figured how to manage that. Any suggestions appreciated.  Thank you, reader.

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