Quite the summer and here we are moving towards the end of August.  There are still more events happening so you can catch the traveling bookstore in northwest Montana before the snow flies.

And the traveling bookstore has slightly expanded its repertoire.  Besides a great selection of used books in all sorts of categories, there is a wonderful selection of postcards from all over the world, blank greeting cards and even a typewriter (with a FullSizeRender(2)fresh ribbon). You can type your sweetie a poem or write a serious note to someone in Washington to express your ideas and offer suggestions.  And now we even have a theremin.  It is a musical instrument unlike any you have probably tried. Odd enough that it doesn’t seem the least bit threatening.  You don’t have to actually touch anything to play it.  If you haven’t experienced a theremin yet, now might just be the time.  Stop by the bookstore and give it a spin.  Meanwhile you can see how a virtuoso does it in this clip with Carolyn Eyck. The theremin and the typewriter seem to be a good combo – wonderful inventions that allow people to be creative without overwhelming them.  At least that is how I feel when I interact with each of them.  And both compact enough to fit in a traveling bookstore.  What could be better?


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