A sandy holiday

No, the traveling bookstore is not headed to Hawaii or Mexico at the moment. Its parked in Montana waiting for early spring or at least the roads to be snow-free.  Then it will start up again to head east on our first trip in 2018, across to Minneapolis, Illinois, Indiana and a week in North Carolina.  Then back on a different route to spread the enthusiasm for reading, conversation and books at as many stops as possible.IMG_1790

What does this have to do with sand?  Nothing and everything. It began with a conversation this morning about drawing lines in the sand.  At first the image might be one of children running on a beach shrieking with joy and drawing lines as far as they can possibly run.  Or a lover drawing a gigantic heart with a set of initials in the sand for the incoming tide to carry out to eternity.  But really the line in the sand from this morning’s conversation was about speaking out, not being shy.  The conversation included showing respect of course but not accepting a racist remark or a misogynistic remark with a bland look because you don’t want to start an argument or seem unkind or upset the dinner conversation on Christmas.  You could look the other way or try to change the subject, or you can draw a line in the sand.  A line in the sand has qualities you might consider.  You aren’t putting up a brick wall – its sand after all. You aren’t using the stick to strike the other person, no never do that, but to indicate in the sand that there are limits.  And perhaps now is a good time to talk about them.  So even though there is definitely more snow visible in Montana at the moment than sand, remember to draw lines.  Its good to hear all kinds of voices.


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