Love that learning

I usually enjoy learning.  The process of someone explaining to me how to make a new type of food, or how to say a special word in another language, or coming to know interesting bits of history is fascinating. I like to learn about new places and new books.  I like to meet people who have had experiences different from mine.  I like to learn to sing new songs and to try new foods.  And I even like the concept of learning those harder things – how to be patient, to be compassionate, how to count to ten before getting angry. I want to learn them in a way that has them come naturally to me in those edgier moments. IMG_2236

Some things are definitely harder for me to learn. I haven’t learned how to enjoy sorting through boxes of books. Which seems like it would be an easy thing because after all I like reading so much.  But boxes and boxes and boxes of books which is the current state of things in my warehouse/garage does not bring joy.  Rather I put the task of sorting them off.  Yesterday some friends stopped by and the youngest in the group climbed up into a chair to read while the adults did their talking.  Her satisfaction with books and the look she gave when I asked what she was reading was just enough to get me started on those boxes today.  I interpreted her look to mean, “How can you possibly hope to take that bookstore across country when you can’t even organize the books to find which ones to take with you?”

Alright, young Madeline.  I am on it.  I am taking your love for reading and my enthusiasm for taking a well-stocked bookstore thousands of miles on the next trip to heart.  I will start sorting boxes today.


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