Glass half full

It might not have been while driving across North Dakota or when it was snowing so hard in Minneapolis we closed the bookstore up early.  But most other days hold promises that are fulfilled.  Smiths Grove, KY which has a population under a thousand welcomed the bookstore heartedly.  Local librarians, older women, young couples, a business man, a pastor are just some of the folks who stopped by, bought books, bought Tour tshirts, talked about their lives. Processed with MOLDIV

Asheville seemed problematic for a bit because was it really the best parking space for a bookstore?  Then a man stopped by with a magical tarot deck.  An employee at French Broad Co-op gave us ideas for a better place to park.  We began meeting locals and tourists.  We met Thomas from Battery Park Book Exchange and Champagne Bar. Lucy and her mom stopped by as part of her eighth birthday celebration.  We found a small vase of flowers at the farmers market that fit our space.  Cybele introduced us to new people and invited young women to visit the bookstore.

Just when it seemed we might not have enough inventory left after numerous sales, a philosopher stopped by. Studying Kierkegaard,  he’s nearly finished getting his doctorate. He just happened to have some books in his car that he donated to the bookstore. When we rolled into Raleigh, a friend there gave us more.  And the family we stayed with gave us more.  With the bookstore bursting at the seams, we are ready for eastern Carolina, West Virgina and points farther west.

Our partners along the way have been so gracious.  The Moog Store found us a good parking space and let us try a theremin. Nickelpoint Brewery seemed a bit quiet and then we met a couple getting married this coming November.  The theme for their wedding?  Books! Isabel’s Family Restaurant and Woodstock’s Atrocious Poets made even a chilly day glow when we set up in Illinois.

And really this is all just frosting on the particular cake.  What collective adjective can capture the wonderful stories shared, the conversations held standing by the bookstore in these places? It is always difficult to describe exactly the goal of this traveling bookstore, but those of us working this venue benefit greatly from the discussions people bring our way.  Thank you.


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