Never the same river twice

Of course the books I read change, and the upcoming tour has changes as well. Some places I thought of going fell through while others I hadn’t even considered popped up. Book reading and tour planning are still in motion. I suppose this is the reality for a person with a traveling bookstore.

Things I do know are the gigs that have been confirmed. I will post these just in case you live near one of the delightful places and want to make sure to get the date on your calendar, or you are planning a trip and want to meet up with the traveling bookstore when you and I are both on the road. There are three confirmations I am still waiting on, but in the meantime…

  • Backwards Distillery Casper, WY 4/22
  • University of Nebraska Lincoln, NE 4/24
  • Constellation Studios Lincoln, NE 4/25
  • Eureka Springs Community Center Eureka Springs, AR 4/28
  • Eureka Springs Community Center Eureka Springs, AR 4/29
  • The Root Cafe Little Rock, AR 4/30
  • Heather Gardens Club House Aurora, CO 5/5
  • Fiction Beer Denver, CO 5/5
  • Fiction Beer Denver, CO 5/6
  • Black Tooth Brewery Sheridan, WY 5/8
  • White Sulphur Springs Library White Sulphur Springs, MT 5/10

My current reading includes “all about love: new visions” by bell hooks, “Mad Honey” by Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Finney Boylan, “The Big Oyster: History on the Half Shell” by Mark Kurlansky (yes, still slightly obsessed reading about oysters), and “The Light We Carry” by Michelle Obama.

In between reading and tour planning, I experiment with the provisional press and share its possibilities with others. Recently a Utah friend was visiting and made some lovely valentines using the press, creating her design with LEGOs.


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