St. Rita’s Amazing Traveling Bookstore and Textual Apothecary is a small business based in Eureka, Montana that travels to fairs, festivals and neighborhoods across the US to sell used books.  We won’t all have to rely on ebooks for everything when there is a traveling bookstore to meet reading needs in unusual places.


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  1. I have a book store in Victor and am having to sell because of a divorce. Would you be interested in buying some books. 406-274-8001 is my # give me a call if your interested. Thanks, Robin


    • Thanks for reaching out, Robin. I actually get enough books locally that I don’t really have the space at the moment for me. But if you decide to do a traveling bookstore, I am happy to share ideas with you.


  2. I am on the brink of jumping in to my own rolling book shop–and so grateful to have found yours! I have at least a zillion questions, but might as well push the elephant out of the room first: is St. Rita’s financially sustainable? Wishing you all good things and hoping you’ll respond soon. Thank you from the not-so-saintly Marcia 🙂


    • I am more than happy to give insight from my experiences so far. I am only going into my second season with the traveling bookstore so a bit early in the game. I still have a day job so do the bookstore on weekends and evenings, occasionally during the week for bigger events. First year – I would say yes, sustainable and hoping this summer it will grow. No idea where you are – but I mostly serve rural locations.
      Best of luck!


  3. I am in the process of starting a mobile bookstore in Texas and am excited to find others out there doing this! I would love to hear more about how you got started and how you doing now. Thanks!


    • I don’t know too many people with traveling bookstores in the US (or world for that matter). Perhaps you read my blog…Ann Patchett has one connected with her bookstore in Nashville but it only travels in that city. There are guys out of NY (Books and Shovels) who drive around sometimes with books in their car but it is sporadic. Really the champion is Dylans Book Bus in Wales. That is whom I looked to when I began to set mine up. Its a much bigger bus but it did give me ideas. Basically I started because I live in a very small town that is rural and it wouldn’t support a brick and mortar bookstore. So I had the idea of a traveling bookstore which would allow me to take it to festival, fairs, farmers markets etc where there are more people. I have had it two years, still learning, still expanding my territory. My blog captures it fairly well but feel free to email me if you have more questions or want to brainstorm.


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