Good fortune

I have some sort of addiction to fortune cookies.  Not the cookies themselves – a bit too sweet usually, but to the small rectangular fortunes found inside.  When given a cookie after a meal at Sumi’s Kitchen, a great local place, I immediately break it open to get the news.  Regardless of what that day’s particular fortune might be, it always seems relevant.  I have one that I taped to the back of my phone that reads, “Your road to glory will be rocky but fulfilling. Be patient.”  I have no idea what the particular glory might be but I do believe the road will be rocky (I live in Montana after all) and patience is a characteristic I have been working years to achieve.IMG_2101

Yesterday’s fortune was “Take that chance you’ve been considering.”  Now how could anyone read that without feeling hopeful?  Aren’t there numerous considerations roiling about in my mind that I could take a chance on? Is this cookie’s fortune specific to one or to any of the ideas that I have been considering of late? Does it refer to the traveling bookstore business and the upcoming Grand 2018 to North Carolina and Back Tour?  There is an opportunity to set up the bookstore for a day in Smiths Grove, KY.  That town is a bit small but don’t people in small towns deserve an opportunity to get great buys on a wonderful selection of used books?  Or is it my idea to set up in Sheridan, WY on the way back in late April but where exactly?  There aren’t any easy contacts in Sheridan so it would be a matter of cold calling someone.  Is that the chance?

Or maybe its the suggestion I run for county commissioner?  Not that it is a serious consideration but perhaps fortune cookies don’t make those distinctions.  A consideration is a consideration. Consider it and take a chance. So perhaps this particular fortune is about upping the game.  We all take chances every time we get up in the morning, walk out the front door, get in a car, meet a new person.  Maybe this fortune means to take a chance on a wilder consideration.  Taking a teaching job in Romania back in 2002 or starting a traveling bookstore might have been considerations/chances but each had a safety net of sorts.  Maybe this fortune cookie gives the message that sometimes its important to take chances on considerations that are a bit scarier.  Maybe that is how we continue to grow as individuals.