Holiday reading and thanks

I am not going to suggest books to you.  I learned a while back that doesn’t work unless we are standing (or sitting) within a comfortable distance of each other having a conversation. I might ask what you enjoy reading. You might mention some particular titles. I would get excited because I also just read one of those and it reminded me of another that you might like as well.  It is personal. Its not Amazon. Its you and me discussing books, discussing authors, discussing ideas, discussing our travels and experiences and how I ended up owning a traveling bookstore and how you ending up living in Montana or Idaho or Illinois or Alabama.  pjshop

This time of year gets even trickier as people want to buy books for friends or relatives, the kid across the street or a woman at work.  “Do you think my eleven year old nephew would enjoy this book?”  I don’t know. I would certainly enjoy meeting your eleven year old nephew and finding out what he likes.  I can’t really say though what any generic eleven year old boy might be interested in though. Let’s talk.

But I am glad that you are shopping at this particular bookstore, at this somewhat local business, at this small business. I am happy that even when you had choices of box stores and online opportunities, you decided to track down this particular traveling bookstore and buy used books to make that gift even more special.   I can’t give you an easy answer for which book to buy for that rambunctious nephew or even the older woman who takes care of your cat when you are away. I will talk books and people with you.  I might suggest this or that title.  There are times when I might even suggest making your own book for a very special person.  There’s a typewriter and paper in the bookstore and some books that explain bookbinding.  Bookstore owner and a facilitator – perhaps I should put that on my business card.

Special thanks go out with this post to: 1) Peggy Jane who has the beautiful smile in the photo.  A gem of a friend.  And 2) to La Două Bufniţe, a wondrous bookstore I found in Timisoara, RO.  If you are ever in that area, stop by (


Time flies

Time does fly – or at least it feels like that this time of year.  As part of my (rather meager) business plan, I was determined to post a blog at least once every two weeks. And then I checked and saw it had been over a month!  The leaves are now off the trees, we have had our first snow in this part of Montana and holiday schedules are set. For the traveling bookstore, the wreath2next few weeks include:

  • Radius Gallery Holiday Art Show Nov 20-21  Missoula
  • Shop Small Saturday  Nov 28 (bookstore will set up at Wade’s Sinclair station from 10-4)
  • Holly Faire Dec 5 in Eureka 9-4 Creative Arts Center parking lot

As always I am reminded how much the community helps me with this business.  Sally made the beautiful literary wreath. Donnie suggested attaching it to the van with a large magnet. James helped me move gigantic boxes of books that a woman had donated. Wade is letting me use the front of his gas station to set up on Shop Small Saturday. And because people are so generous helping me move this business forward, I’ve no doubt that these events will all go exceptionally well. In return I try to offer quality books and great customer service.  And seasonal specials! A free postcard (and there are so many amazing ones in my collection) with each book sold on Shop Small Saturday.  A discount on any item when a customer shows they bought art at the Radius Gallery during their Holiday Art Show opening.  And I also decided to offer gift certificates.  So if there is a book lover in your life who would enjoy getting some treasures from the traveling bookstore, give them a gift certificate for St. Rita’s.