It might take a while…

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these Processed with MOLDIVcouriers…” This winter seems as though it might just last forever.  Here it is March 5th and more snow on top of the piles we already have. And this is a  minor problem compared to the political situation.  But I am not giving up.  I shovel the snow around the bookstore, work on inventory that piled up in the colder months, go to rallys,  write letters and make phone calls to those I hope represent me in Washington, and talk with people.  I recently re-read Christopher Morley’s “Parnassus on Wheels”.  It’s about a woman who buys a traveling bookstore, so of course suits me but I think even those without a bookstore would enjoy it. The Professor (in the book) goes into towns, farms and even stops people along the road to tell them about the glory of reading.

I don’t know what the solution is for these current times but reading might help. All kinds of reading from classics to what is on the best seller lists, from nonfiction that explains history, geography and economics to foreign authors who offer views into other cultures. Discussing those books also helps which is why programs (like Humanities Montana) and, dare I say, serious book clubs are beneficial.  Someone (younger than me) said today over lunch, “Reading a newspaper or book makes me think about the issue, while getting information only on social media can cause a knee jerk reaction.”

As spring thaws the roads and I begin to take the bookstore out to events, I look forward to conversations I will surely have with people.  I look forward to sharing ideas, comparing views, listening to differences and maybe suggesting a book or two.  I am not giving up.