Business course Lincoln County style

jack1I thought about doing a business plan some months ago when I was first getting serious about starting the traveling bookstore.  I did talk with a few people about it – being an extrovert that is how I learn and process things.  Basically it came down to trying to figure out how not to lose money on this venture.  Now that I actually started taking the bookstore out on the road, meeting people, selling books and cards, realizing the structural changes I needed to make like adding a grab bar that people can hold on to when going in and out of the van, I see aspects of this business that never occurred to me before.  For example – I thought running a bookstore meant that I would invite authors to do readings occasionally but now I realize that I can actually drive the bookstore to where the authors are rather than asking them to come to the hills of Montana. And I had thought that I would need to do lengthy internet searches to find all the fairs and festivals that would be good  and perhaps the only places to take the business. But now there are people who are requesting that I bring my bookstore to their parties, writers retreats, events, and businesses which is something I hadn’t thought of before.  Experiential learning.  I am learning how to run this business by doing it and hopefully I will be savvy enough to pick up all the necessary clues and make them work. Last week at the Farmers Market a man suggested I put a sandwich board out to help draw more attention (I was accosting people politely, pointing to the entrance and saying, “Come in. It’s a bookstore!”). So a friend is making the board which hopefully will be ready for next week’s event. I plan to take the traveling bookstore to the Yaak River Jam.