Traveling and books

I had originally thought that a traveling bookstore would be a way for me to take books to various places to sell. But now I feel that it is actually just a piece of something bigger as obviously I do like traveling and I do very much like books. So it is not that the idea of a traveling bookstore just popped into my head one day, but that I had a long inclination for travel and reading. The bookstore is just one manifestation of that. Having decided to visit S.Korea, a place that I hadn’t been before but heard great things about, I began researching into what sort of bookbinding workshops imagemight be available. That made sense to me because I certainly wasn’t going to learn to read Korean in a few weeks, but I could learn something about making books while there. And thanks to the Internet, I discovered Bo Young Lee, a remarkable young woman who trained in France and is now experimenting wth a fusion of East and West in the books she creates. She has an atelier in Seoul where I spent a day making a book under her tutelage and talking with her about all sorts of things. She explained the challenges of starting this rather unusual business in Seoul. I told her about the traveling bookstore in Montana. She obviously has a passion for making books. I obviously have a passion for helping to get books to the masses. We shared a delightful lunch and parted knowing despite the thousand of miles between Seoul and Eureka, we surely had made a connection.