Different views

panobridgeI took the bookstore down  to Libby and then up to the Yaak recently.  Mostly visiting friends but it was also nice to introduce it to some new people.  And there are times when I feel although it might seem rather odd, that its not just about taking books to people but giving the bookstore some adventures of its own. Like that moment in the photo along side Lake Koocanusa.  I really didn’t need to be in that particular spot but it just seemed a beautiful moment with the late afternoon sun and the fall colors. I pulled over and took one of those panoramic shots that Rob had shown me about.  But mostly I wanted the bookstore to be in that setting. Like wanting it to be on the coast one of these days or drive it across the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.  Or setting it up in a playground with kids all around.  Or pulling into a snowy field.  Thinking about the bookstore in this way does give pause. It doesn’t really feel like an entrepreneurial perspective. Perhaps because most businesses aren’t mobile. You could think of a brick-and-mortar store in different types of weather but not in different locations.  But a traveling bookstore…well, the possibilities are nearly limitless and I enjoy imagining all the places that this bookstore can travel to and all the adventures it might have.  Another thought that came to me on this recent trip was about the redistribution of books.  A week ago I came home one day to find a couple boxes of books on my front steps. This is not unusual.  When I got around to sorting them, I discovered one box was full of books on spiritual topics. I put some in the bookstore and stored the rest. On this trip while in the Yaak, a man asked if I happened to have any books on Zen Buddhism. Sure enough, there were two from the ones I had just found in the box on my steps. This part doesn’t feel like a business – at least not a retail business. It feels more like a delivery service.  I get the books which then need to be delivered to the individuals waiting to read them.  I guess that’s my job.